Sacred Grove Restoration Project

A forest patch which is culturally or traditionally protected by villagers or native people is known as Sacred Grove. Philosophically, these are the areas that are dedicated to deities that protect village from any natural calamity. On the other hand scientifically these are the prime and important habitats that represent original (climax) composition of ecosystem or to simply, these patches represent the original composition/situation of the forest in that area.
In-fact these are the forests which are conserved by local communities traditionally and though having no legal or governmental protection, these forests have been preserved in its original stage by only local community. Though so the areas surrounding these Sacred Groves are now facing degradation and this increasing pressure hampering the connectivity of Sacred Groves to nearest forest patches turning these groves into islands. For all the biodiversity components such as flora and fauna, this connectivity between two forest patches (homes) are important and are technically termed as ‘Ecological Corridors’ without which their movements are not possible.
Project Restore Targets the above issue in phase wise manner

Sacred Grove Restoration Project-compressed