Plant Tagging with Digital Approach

Digitized Plant Tagging helps in establishing long term ecological monitoring and also enable the sustainability departments to monitor the Carbon sequestration rate of plants in premises and at any plantation projects. Being marked by GPS, the exact locations of all tree individuals are available on digitised maps and can easily help in planning of development or construction activities. As this activity involves tagging plants with QR Codes, any visitor or employee can scan it using smart phone and read the whole information about the tree, this also facilitate increasing environment awareness and knowledge of flora in back yard.

The QR Code is being made available in a specific format at all these tree species and can be scanned using any Smartphone with QR Scanner. This will link to the species page that holds detailed information of the tree such as Common/Local Names, Medicinal and Ecological Importance and total CO2 sequestered by the species/ individual.

Using technology for creating environmental awareness and scaling up the same technology for monitoring the plantation are very unique and key features of the project.