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Ecological Surveys

Basic ecological surveys provide insights of existing biodiversity in a particular area, its spatial distribution and a guideline for its conservation. Ecological Assessment covers the evaluation of impacts on the ecological environment viz. ecology, vegetation, wild plants and animals and their habitat, impact on flora and fauna (terrestrial and aquatic) due to possible alterations in present environmental status of proposed complex. When a development is likely to impact on the environment, the condition of the environment on the proposed development site needs to be determined.

We conduct Biodiversity documentation surveys for corporate/individual clients. The survey yields a detailed report of ecological structure of the site, parameters affecting it, identifying elements that need to be conserved and those that need to be altered for supporting local biodiversity and site management plan based on the same.

Profiling of Ecosystem Services

Each habitat has its own profile and the inclusive profile provides insights to the variety of services the habitat or land currently supports. Ecosystem Services are the multiple direct and indirect services that the land and its ecological components are generating which rather go un-noticed and thus any planned activity on the site which might be an infrastructure development, or mine or plantation cannot utilize the maximum of its ecological resources which in turn results in lowering down both economic and environmental sustainability of the project.

Through this innovative service we target to provide a profile of such Ecosystem Services of your land and its relation with the Proposed or ongoing development activity. This service largely incorporates GIS & Remote Sensing technology.

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Ecological Survey for EC