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Ecological Survey and Carbon Mapping

It is essential to understand the carbon footprint of operations and productions of industries and apply same understanding in planning industries to go carbon neutral in certain timeline. Our services helps industries to understand sequestration values of their own premises and provide essential inputs in strengthening the timeline of making actions carbon neutral. A similar long term monitoring and planning project is currently ongoing with Mercedes-Benz India Private Limited, Pune. For more details please follow: www.mbenvironment.com

Plant Tagging with Long term monitoring system

Trees play important role in not just carbon sequestration and oxygen production but support local fauna in many ways and also many of them has many important medicinal properties. Making company employees, visitors and others aware about such importance of trees in the premises and promote tree plantation at individual levels, a specially designed plant tags, integrated in long term monitoring web systems are unique features that we provide.

Awareness programs for Employees

Tree Walk, Nature Trails and Workshops

Ecological Project Design and Implementation under CSR

As many corporate are trying to address many social issues through Corporate Social Responsibility, Environment Conservation is being one of those aspects which broadly done as ‘plantation’, but we at Vanam provide thorough consultation to bring technically sound ways of doing plantation. Ecologically sound plantations, restoration of degraded areas and monitoring the same to create great impact among communities, environment and ultimately donors will get full impact assessment sheets of the plantations and other environmental projects under CSR

Plantation Projects : Impact Assessment and Digital Monitoring

Plantations done blindly harm environment more than not doing it. Therefore, cautiously planned plantation drives, with useful & native tree species creates more positive impact on environment. Also, we at Vanam provide long term impact assessment studies for existing plantations and provide periodic monitoring reports to understand status of trees, their current impacts and need based solutions.

Ecological index Study

The ecological index is a quantitative measure of different types of species in a given community, habitat or any area. It also includes quantification of an individual number of identified species in that area. In the case of the ecological index, these are usually a number of species of plants (flora) or animals (fauna) or biomass or coverage. Ecological Index Study is an assessment that intends to strategically classify the defined area so as to understand the distribution and habitat utilization by flora and fauna. Study documents the ‘as it is’ status of Ecological in defined area e.g. company premise vs. current human footprint/disturbance.
The study further helps in upgrading the ‘Green Spaces’ so as to increase the overall diversity of the area. This will eventually help in maintaining the corridors as well as the ecological balance.
The need for continuous development is not denied, but the conservation of existing natural habitats, corridors around us is also equally important and a part of our responsibility.