Ecological index Study

Ecological index is a quantitative measure of different types of species in a given community, habitat or any area. It also includes quantification of individual number of identified species in that area. In case of ecological ecological index, these are usually number of species of plants (flora) or animals (fauna) or biomass or coverage. Ecological Index Study is assessment that intends to strategically classify the defined area so as to understand distribution and habitat utilization by flora and fauna. Study documents the ‘as it is’ status of Ecological in defined area e.g. company premise vs. current human footprint/disturbance.
Study further helps in up grading the ‘Green Spaces’ so as to increase the overall diversity of the area. This will eventually help in maintaining the corridors as well as the ecological balance.
The need for continuous development is not denied, but conservation of existing natural habitats, corridors around us is also equally important and a part of our responsibility.