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We are a Pune based Ecological Consultancy which provides solutions for Sustainable development. Conservation of biodiversity, environment improvement and natural resource management has been of prime importance in today’s world and delivering quality output towards this goal is our core interest. We believe that Nature cannot be formulated in certain equations and that’s why we also keep our services open for broad level definition.
And these Broad areas of Vanam’s work are:

  • Ecological Assessment and Profiling
  • Ecological Management Plans
  • Ecological Restoration and Community level land management
  • Digitized Plant Tagging & Monitoring
  • Environment Awareness & Education
  • Ecological Index Study
  • People’s Biodiversity Register
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Pratik Purohit (M. Sc. Biodiversity)


Pratik developed his interest in this field when he first visited Chandoli National Park (now part of Sahyadri Tiger Reserve). While completing masters, he worked on lizards. He has immense interest in studying butterflies, Ecological aspects of Forts in Northern Western Ghats and Sacred Groves. He keeps exploring many parts of Sahyadris for these purposes.
Pratik is also associated with various environmental consultancies as Ecological consultant and Freelance Fauna Expert.
Also, a member of Bhoomi organization based in Pune, which works for on ground wildlife conservation.

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Revati Gindi

Gayatri Dixit

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Kruti Chhaya

Ketaki Sathe-Kulkarni

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Trupti Satpute

Prasad Gaidhani

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Maitreyee Kulkarni

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Kiran Ingale

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